Hi, I’m Egle, and I write poetry about motorcycles.

Egle Gerulaityte
Photo by Actiongraphers | www.actiongraphers.com

My work is all about telling stories because, as someone said, stories are vessels for ideas.

The better the story,

The better the idea sticks.

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See you off the road!

I’m never home (by choice), I race cross-country rallies (badly), and write about adventure and action sports (well). I also know a thing or two about good coffee, creative content marketing, and chasing after the impossible.

Every once in a while, when I’m really inspired, I publish stories on BBC Travel, such as the one about the ancient leather tanners of Ecuador or the indigenous matriarchs of Guna Yala

… I am a senior writer at ADV Rider, the head honcho at Women ADV Riders, and a contributor to Adventure Motorcycle and ADV Pulse

… I ghostwrite books and ebooks…

…I’ve got this neat diary thing going on ADV Rider’s Ride Reports section…

…I post on Instagram more than I should…

…and, yeah, I wrote a book.

Egle Gerulaityte